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In a world full of threats, both seen and unseen, Bright Light Technologies brings confidence to indoor environments, so we can safely work, learn, pray, and play.


We integrate best in class technologies and turnkey solutions for indoor health and physical security to promote the well-being of organizations and schools.

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Bright Light Technologies creates safer indoor environments by integrating intelligent, effective, and sustainable technologies in the built environment.

Client Testimonials

As the administrator of the Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center located in southern Louisiana, our facility has been affected by hurricanes, mold and mildew. Healthy breathing, healthy air, and having a safe environment is crucial to recovery. Bright Light Technologies has helped us restore the indoor heath of our facility so that we can continue restoring lives.

Major Donald Tekautz

The Salvation Army

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Salvation Army

Bright Light Technologies completes 49,000 Sq Ft Indoor Air Quality Project for Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center- New Orleans, LA.


Salvation Army Building

Hurricanes, storms, fires, and other natural disasters often cause damage to facilities that can take months or years to resolve. Health risks beyond the impact of the event itself, are often focused on indoor air quality risk. - Mold, fungus and other bacteria “bloom” in 5 to 10 days after a water intrusion. - Surface mold results in significant airborne spores that make a building unsafe to occupy - When the power is out and HVAC systems are not functioning, mold propagates everywhere air can reach throughout a facility. Mold, fungus and other pathogens growing in HVAC system coils, ductwork, and registers are almost impossible to eradicate and become a recurring issue long term, especially in parts of the country where the humidity is high.


The Salvation Army ARC in New Orleans, LA partnered with Bright Light Technologies to integrate a permanent and proven indoor air quality solution that has been rigorously tested in both lab settings and the field including the US Military, Airforce, and Navy. The air cleaning technologies that were installed in the HVAC rooftop units and ductwork proactively seek pathogens in the air, on surfaces, and everywhere air can reach. The solutions provided by Bright Light Technologies eliminate viruses, bacteria, mold, other pathogens and their odors in a manner that is continuous, effective and safe for humans, animals, plants, equipment and the environment. The solution integrated by Bright Light Technologies was comprised of 2 key technologies, CIMR Tech and Bright Light Air. The equipment easily integrates into the existing HVAC system and diffuses an ultra low level of self regulating, non-aqueous hydrogen peroxide (H202) and a high density of charged oxygen ions to continuously clean the air, surfaces, and deactivate mold in places that traditional methods cannot reach. Both technologies use the oxygen and humidity that already exists in the air, requiring no consumable supplies or human labor to operate. Bright Light Technologies offers a new standard of environmental health and safety for indoor spaces to stabilize, sanitize, and allow people to occupy facilities safely within a few days of a major natural disaster. The permanent installation of the technology protects the facility for years to come from recurring issues commonly found with traditional mold remediation methods.


After 3 short weeks of installation of the equipment, indoor air quality and building health at the Salvation Army ARC in New Orleans, LA has been restored. - Indoor air is now safe, fresh, and odors are undetectable - After 3 months, the mold that was present in HVAC system ductwork, registers, and coils was deactivated and in the process of decaying out. After 12 months, HVAC system ductwork, registers and coils were completely clean eliminating the need for professional ductwork cleaning which saved the organization $60,000. - The technologies that were integrated are actively disinfecting the “Air We Share” in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Staff and men that are participating in the rehabilitation program are now much safer from the transmission of COVID-19, the FLU, and other pathogens and pollutants that risk our health. Bright Light Technologies is able to help deploy and install these technologies immediately after a natural disaster in order to: Shorten the duration of the recovery and return to buildings and critical infrastructure - Stabilize buildings quickly and cost effectively by eliminating mold, fungus, bacteria and other pathogens that develop after an event allowing people to occupy facilities safely within a few days of a major natural disaster. Dramatically reduce the costs of mold remediation and recovery - Reduce repair and restoration costs between 70% and 100%. - Walls that still have integrity, do not need to be removed, and carpets and furniture are easily remediated. - Faster return to critical and essential facilities, homes and business within 1-3 weeks vs. 6-12 months required in traditional mold mitigation. Improve the health and safety of the population and response teams - Eliminate indoor air quality risks and keep staff and response teams safe in temporary facilities such as tents, field housing, food service, long term care facilities, mobile hospitals. - Reduce the transmission of COVID-19, the FLU, and other pathogens in real time by effectively and continously disinfecting the “air we share.” Bright Light Technologies offers a permanent solution that works 24-7 / 365 to keep mold, fungus and other pathogens from re-establishing in facilities, even in high humidity zones.

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