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Bright Solutions
For Tough Problems

Girl Vaping
Vape Detection

Vaping has become a crisis for school administrators. More than 2.5 million high school and middle school students currently use e-cigarettes and 1 in 7 high school students vapes. While most schools prohibit vaping on campus, few are successful at enforcing their policy.

Bright Light Technologies offers vaping detection solutions to sense vaping in areas where cameras can’t be placed such as high school bathrooms and locker rooms. Using a proprietary combination of several sensors plus artificial intelligence, we offer vaping detection solutions that are tamper proof and out of sight for students but extremely accurate in detecting vaping and smoking in real-time. Once vaping is detected, school administrators and resource officers are immediately notified by text, email, web app, or an optional digital display. 

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Vape Detection
Weapons Detection
Weapons Detection
Gun calcluator

Bright Light Technologies offers revolutionary solutions to accurately detect and deter the presence of high caliber weapons and metal threats in organizations and schools. We enable the highest throughput and screening of people with backpacks, purses, and bags with no divesting required. These systems are ideal for schools and any organization looking to protect and keep staff, patients, clients and students safe.

School Lockers
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Infection Control

Biosafety and Infection Control 

ERADICATE UP TO 99.99% OF LIVE VIRUSESbacteria, fungi, allergens and more

In a world of unseen pathogens and threats, we are advancing environmental safety in today’s dynamic healthcare environments. Bright Light Technologies Integrates permanent, sustainable, and autonomous infection control solutions to help remove human error out of the equation and keep air and surfaces continuously disinfected. Reduce HAIs, improve staff efficiency and increase patient satisfaction with proven results.  













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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

With 2024 mandated air quality standards on the horizon, Bright Light Technologies brings powerful solutions to address a wide range of problems associated with poor indoor air quality. Our team of experts can help your organization deploy safe, effective and energy saving  solutions without costly HVAC upgrades.

UVC for coils and in-duct applications
Upper Air UVC (265nm)
Far UVC (222nm)
H202 CIMR Tech
Bipolar Ionization
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Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
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Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Bright Light Technologies is able to provide real time and continuous indoor air quality monitoring for today’s ever changing environments. Our solutions bring visibility and tangible data to the science of air, ensuring a healthy indoor environment for the people you work with and serve

Cellular Boosting Technology

Cellular Boosting
Technology For

Spotty cellular coverage, poor voice quality, dropped calls, and dead zones continue to plague organizations and schools.  Reliable cellular service is essential to maintain communication, particularly in emergency situations.


Bright Light Technologies in partnership with Premiere Communications and Consulting provide this turnkey affordable, all-digital solution.

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