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Healthy schools improve student performance

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Absenteeism is the #1 indicator of student retention and graduation on time. Students who miss 4 or more days of class experience an average of 30% drop in grades.


Keeping students in-person with teachers and peers is paramount to their learning and development. Rzero's sustainable and effective disinfection ecosystem enables healthier and safer classrooms that improve student performance. 

Fort Bend ISD Partners with Rzero to create healthier learning environments with sustainable UV-C

The Rzero Ecosystem 

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Autonomous, continuous, upper room UVGI air disinfection for occupied spaces. The LED-powered upper air device shines a concentrated beam of UV-C light across the top of a room safely inactivating microorganisms in the air above occupants in the room 
Delivers disinfected air 12X per hour in 500 ft2 of occupied space
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Arc is the most powerful UV-C disinfection device on the market. Quickly disinfect 1000 Sq Ft in 7 minutes and 1800 Sq Ft in 11 minutes to inactivate over 99.9%+ of microorganisms in the air and surfaces.
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10X less time to disinfect a room vs. chemical disinfection and 53% more effective than manual cleaning
Rzero Vive


Autonomous, continuous air and surface far-UV disinfection for occupied spaces
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Eliminates 99.9%+ of airborne microorganisms in seconds and on surfaces in minutes
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Addresses all three vectors of transmission (Air, Surface, Contact)

Students in healthy indoor spaces improve test scores  by 15%

R-zero’s industry-leading UVC- disinfection devices deliver effective, lower-cost and sustainable proven results in a fully integrated platform.

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More effective 

Industry leading, 99.9% + lab-verified efficacy, plus the highest effective air changes per hour, proven at the nation's largest school districts, hospitals, and corporate offices
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Lower Cost

More than 50% less than the cost of other solutions, Rzero's IoT-enabled platform costs less than chemical disinfection, HVAC solutions, and other UV-C.
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Climate friendly 

R-zero devices emit 5% of the greenhouse gases as HVAC systems. Plus, there are no chemical waste byproducts like in chemical disinfection.

Trusted and adopted at scale by hospitals, corporate, and over 2500 schools, R-zero’s solutions are backed by the Mayo Clinic and proven in a real-world efficacy study led by Harvard University. 

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