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Deter Vaping

In Schools

Vaping Has Become A Crisis For School Administrators

Did you know the FDA and US Surgeon general have declared vaping an epidemic among youth in the United States? More than 2.5 million high school and middle school students currently use e-cigarettes and 1 in 7 high school students vapes. While most schools prohibit vaping on campus, few are successful at enforcing their policy. VapeDetect senses vaping in areas where cameras can't be placed, such as school bathrooms and locker rooms. Using a proprietary combination of several sensors plus artificial intelligence, it reliably detects vaping and smoking and can alert school administrators immediately.

How VapeDetect Works 

Why VapeDetect

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More effective

VapeDetect installs into the exhaust duct where air actively flows. This means the vapor gets to the sensor faster than with ceiling or wall-mounted detectors and will accurately identify vape against other chemical substances such as cleaning supplies and body spray.
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Optional Integrations

VapeDetect has input and output relays that provide flexibility to add additional sensors or trigger other devices on detection, such as lights or sounds.
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Invisible to students

Detectors are hidden in the exhaust duct so students can’t tamper with or vandalize the sensors. Other devices that are mounted on the wall or ceiling make it easy for students to notice and vape away from these devices, making them less effective.
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Remote updates

As VapeDetect evolves, so will your devices. Updates can be sent to all devices automatically, saving you time, money, and effort.
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More coverage area

Air flow in the room naturally goes into the exhaust ducts, so the sensor can cover more area. You’ll typically only need one device per room, regardless of size. This means you won’t need to buy multiple devices to cover one room, saving you money. Also, VapeDetect has no fans installed, meaning one less part to wear out over time.
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Customizable alerting

Decide who receives alerts, how, and what devices should be grouped together, such as by floor, building, or by school. Instant alerts can be sent via app, email, SMS, or third-party API. You get to choose.

Get Proactive About Detection

  • Be Proactive - deter students from vaping on campus

  • Enable early detection- identify and address vaping issues promptly

  • Support students - help those struggling with addiction 

  • Create safe spaces- provide a supportive environment for students who don't vape and those trying to quit

Trusted By Schools Nationwide

VapeDetect patented technology has been developed to the highest industry standards and is being deployed in schools nationwide. “This is a game changer and is really helping to curb vaping on school property,” says Nate Henyan, Yakima School Resource Officer and local police officer.

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