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Campbell University utilizes UV disinfection lighting to reduce spread of COVID-19

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, universities across the country are making their cleaning and sanitation practices a top priority. That’s why institutions like Campbell University are investing in new technology that will reduce the spread of the virus on their campuses.

Jason Wangelin is the Assistant Director of Facilities at Campbell University. His staff is responsible for disinfecting areas on campus that have been deemed “hot zones”— areas contaminated by the virus. Researchers have discovered the virus that causes COVID-19 can survive for 28 days on surfaces such as glass, steel, vinyl, paper and polymer banknotes. This reinforces the importance of effective disinfecting options to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Although Wangelin’s team would always take safety precautions while disinfecting rooms, he was always concerned for his team’s safety as well as for the risk of cross contamination. To further add to the matter, due to the high demand for products, the university’s vendor was unable to provide or guarantee they would have enough volume and supply of disinfectant chemicals they needed for the university to remain open.

This drove Wangelin to seek other alternatives to add to his disinfectant arsenal, leading him to discover the unique technology of UV disinfection lighting through Bright Light Technologies. The UV lights are highly effective in killing up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria including the Sars CoV2 virus responsible for COVID-19. The system emits a high intensity full spectrum UV light that renders the virus incapable of reproducing or infecting in a matter of minutes.

UV Disinfection Lighting

In September, Campbell University partnered with Bright Light Technologies to implement a new patented UV technology on their campus, called PURO Lighting powered by Violet Defense Technology. This product is now part of the university’s pro-active disinfection strategy and serves as Campbell’s first and immediate reactive solution in disinfecting locations that have been contaminated by COVID-19. Not only does it protect the students and faculty in the classrooms, but gives the university an effective option that does not require cleaning staff to physically touch infected surfaces.

As of today, Campbell University has installed six permanent UV lighting fixtures in their student and community health center. The UV light is being utilized in rooms that occupy patients with COVID-19 symptoms as well as in the infirmary waiting room. Each system is set on timers which allows the UV light to disinfect the entire room with the touch of a button after each patient is evaluated and later again at night when the clinic is closed. For Wangelin, this new technology means his staff never has to disinfect those rooms.

In addition, the university also utilizes four mobile versions of the technology to disinfect various “hot zones” across campus. This includes an apartment complex used to quarantine students who have tested positive as well as other rooms throughout campus that have been exposed to the virus.

“Before this product, I was having to utilize several of our staff to disinfect rooms and they were all extremely hesitant to enter into those spaces. Because of this technology, I don’t have to have bodies in the room for it to be disinfected. I can set it, plug it in and walk out.”

Earlier this fall, Campbell University’s administration decided to close all on-campus activities as a result of a spike in COVID-19 cases on campus. On Monday, October 19th the university restarted their classes in person again and with zero active cases. Since then, Wangelin noted that he is not aware of any cross contamination or contact tracing from any of the zones that are currently using the UV light.

When Wangelin was asked what he would say about this technology to other universities or businesses, he stated,

“If you are looking for an alternative to spray disinfectant that has proven science behind it and it works, then you need to see this product that Bright Light Technologies offers.”

Don’t wait, an outbreak can drastically impact your business or organization. Bright Light Technologies is here to provide you an affordable & smart disinfection technology that protects health and promotes wellness. To learn more, visit on the web or to speak directly with an expert, email or call 910-212-6869.

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