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Why Puro Lighting?

PURO UV Disinfection Lighting products, powered by Violet Defense™ technology, brings a new standard in disinfection to safeguard the people we care for, work with and serve.
The miniaturization of high intensity, full spectrum UV light is a significant breakthrough for disinfection technology. PURO Lighting products are now able to deliver the highest level in clinical UV environmental disinfection to new segments of the market. Powered by Violet Defense™ technology, this patented pulsed xenon light system can disinfect any room, any size, any time and at a price point that makes sense. 
This is why Bright Light Technologies has partnered with PURO Lighting to provide our clients with the most technologically advanced and clinically proven method of disinfection with up to 99.9% efficacy on viruses, bacteria, fungi, and SARS-CoV-2 the virus that causes COVID-19. PURO Lighting products are 100% chemical free and there is no lasting residue of UV once the UV disinfection cycles are completed making it safe for humans and animals to safely reenter the space.

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