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We are in the business of protecting the people you care for, work with and serve.  

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Tomorrow’s leaders are on our University campuses today. Protect the health and safety of your students, staff, and campus legacy by implementing our disinfection technologies throughout your campus; lecture halls, dormitories, cafeterias, libraries, student union, athletic facilities, health clinics, and campus transportation.   Administering a proactive approach to protect your campus is critical to allow for in-person instruction and provide the quality education students expect.  Prevention measures and your ability to rapidly and effectively respond to a COVID-19 outbreak on your campus is essential to maintain your campus running smoothly, safeguard your reputation, and bottom line.

Elementary Classroom

K-12 Education

Providing the safest environment possible for in-person learning is a top priority for schools. Our comprehensive solutions for Air and Surface disinfection make it possible for schools to achieve those outcomes and reduce the use of harmful chemical sprays, which have been shown to increase the risk of respiratory illnesses. Imagine your students and staff being protected at the safest level possible in your facilities every single day. If a new strain of SARS-CoV-2 develops, then your school can still remain safe. Our technologies act as an ongoing defense weapon at all times.

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Protect the health of your drivers and passengers by mitigating the airborne transmission of COVID-19. Our bipolar ionization technology can be easily installed into the existing air ventilation system of your vehicle and provides continual and ongoing disinfection of air and surfaces with up to 99.99% efficacy. Our chemical free solutions protect vehicles and transportation cabins from rust, residue, and damage caused by spraying. There is a safer and more effective way to disinfect vehicles with Bright Light Technologies. 

Nursing Home

Senior Living

Elderly patients are at a higher risk for contracting COVID-19 and other infections such as MRSA due to underlying health conditions, a history of taking antibiotics and a weakened immune system. Trips to the hospital or stays in long term care facilities expose elderly patients to deadly pathogens. It can quickly spread to nurses, other residents or visitors before they show any signs of infection. Keep your residents safe and healthy by integrating Bright Light Technologies comprehensive solutions for Air and Surface disinfection in your facilities. 

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Whether you operate a hospital, surgical center, clinic, urgent care, dentistry or any other medical facility, the fight against COVID-19 and reducing HAIs is a top priority. Improve patient outcomes and save your operation valuable time and money. Implement our bipolar ionization and UV technologies within your clinical and operational spaces to disinfect Air and Surfaces with up to 99.99% efficacy. 

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Food Services

Protect your customers and your hard earned reputation from COVID-19 and foodborne illnesses with Bright Light Technologies comprehensive  disinfection solutions. The CDC estimates 48 million Americans get sick, 125,000 are hospitalized and over 3,000 people die of foodborne illnesses each year. Our technologies are proven by an FDA certified lab to kill E. coli and salmonella without the use of chemicals. Disinfect surfaces, air and equipment in prep areas to eliminate environmental pathogens and keep your customers and staff healthy.

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Greet your guests with confidence that your accommodations are free of COVID-19, bed bugs and other harmful pathogens. Nothing helps your guests relax more than coming into a clean and healthy room. Reduce the use of harsh industrial chemicals to keep rooms fresh and safe.

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Commercial Offices

Welcome back your workforce to a COVID free environment. Keep office spaces safe and improve wellness and production levels with our proactive 24/7 disinfection solutions for air and surfaces.The EPA estimates that indoor air quality costs companies more than $50 billion each year in healthcare, absenteeism, lost production and lost revenue. Improve your bottom line and make your workplace safer with Bright Light Technologies.

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Athletic Programs

Keep your athletes healthy and safe. Contact sports at all levels, whether professional, collegiate, high school or recreational are at a higher risk than other sports of transmitting harmful pathogens like COVID-19, MRSA, and Norovirus. Bacteria and viruses thrive in weight rooms, locker rooms, showers, athletic gear, and training areas. Our clinically proven solutions permit you the ability to disinfect large and small areas whether at home or away. Don’t jeopardize your athletes or season because of an outbreak.

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Manufacturing Facilities

Protect your facility from an unexpected shutdown that could cost millions. We offer a proactive ongoing 24/7 environmental disinfection solution for Air and Surfaces. We can also can help with reactive emergency protocol to quickly and effectively get facilities up and running in no time. 

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Gym & Workout Facilities

Health and Fitness is your business. Protect your members, brand reputation, and bottom line by integrating proven technologies in your disinfection plan against COVID-19. Our 24/7 disinfection systems will bring members confidence and peace of mind as they train in the safest environment possible. These solutions not only combat common pathogens such as influenza, but also help with persistent issues such as foot fungus, unwanted infections, and poor hygiene habits by disinfecting equipment, showers, and air in your gym.

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Cruise Ships

Norovirus outbreaks and other infections have been problematic for customers and cruise lines when they occur. COVID-19 now presents an even greater threat. These outbreaks ruin vacations and cause financial and brand damage to the carrier. Our technologies can significantly reduce the spread of highly infectious pathogens by 99.99% on large ships.